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If you have a child that is currently enrolled in a homeschool program but are unable to keep up with the curriculum, call Palm Beach Tutoring. While they may not sit in a conventional classroom, they can still receive the same assistance from an educator that school students receive. Our tutors really take the time to understand what the student is learning and why they are finding it difficult to comprehend. They are already at an advantage since they do not have to share their time and attention with other students. This one-to-one tutoring allows the student to ask as many questions as they would like without feeling embarrassed or having time restrictions placed on them.

Online and Person-to-Person

Along with our person-to-person or one-to-one tutoring, we offer online training tools that are also effective in helping students learn the skills that they need. If there is more than one student, then we can also adapt our program to suit the needs of all of the students. We offer small group instructions for different subjects or we can create an individual program for a single student. This is based on the needs of every student. It is important to understand the difference between our online training and teaching tools and the person-to-person tutoring that we offer. Contact us for a free consultation today.

How Our Students Learn

It is only after an assessment has been given to a student that we can develop an education plan to address their specific needs. If they are learning a subject, such as English, and they run into any type of problems, our tutor will take the time to understand what the problem is and begin to work with them on this specific problem. If they run into another problem later in another subject, we have tutors who will do the same thing. Helping our students learn what they need to can only be accomplished when their strengths and weaknesses have been assessed.

Dedication & Determination

The key to the success of our students and tutors is dedication and determination. Our tutors are dedicated to each student that they work with. This is evidenced by the extent that they are willing to go to help the student progress. The student is dedicated to their education and they prove this by following through. Both the student and our tutors are determined to succeed and they do, which is why our services are preferred compared to other tutoring services in Palm Beach.

Our Tutors

Many of our tutors have received specialized training and have classroom experience that enables them to effectively help students. If a student is not showing any signs of progress then our tutor knows that they must change the student's training program. They are not so rigid that they will stick to a plan that isn't working. Contact us and let us provide your students with an assessment to determine the type of plan we can develop to assist with their homeschooling needs.


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