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At Palm Beach Tutoring, we know that we have the best tutors in the area working with us. They are vetted and prove worthy of the praise and designation that they have received from professional teaching associations. Our tutors understand that every student learns at his or her own pace. This is why we have structured our courses to accommodate every type of student. Our specialized programs enable students to reach their full potential without giving up. We strive for success with everyone who receives our help. Contact us if you want or need personalized tutoring.

About Us

We started our tutoring services in Palm Beach more than two decades ago intending to help as many students as possible. We have a mix of skills from various tutors in our program. The wide-reaching areas of experience make it possible for us to offer a variety of tutoring courses to those with special educational needs. We are a certified professional teaching establishment. Many of our tutors come to us with years of tutoring experience, which makes it easier for them to immediately start teaching with immediate results.


    Our Services

    Our tutoring programs are geared to every age group. You won't have to worry about feeling embarrassed by contacting us to inquire about our services regardless of who you are or your current position in life. We're here to help you get the most out of your studies if it will allow us to do so. We offer one-on-one services, ACT and SAT Tutoring, reading and math tutoring, and more. We can create a program to suit your needs so don't worry if you don't see our services mentioned. You are in control of how much you will learn and all that you have to do is let us know how we can be of service to you.

    Tutors who care

    Special Needs Tutor

    At Palm Beach Tutoring, we are glad that we can offer special needs students our tutoring services. We have several special needs experts on staff with the right type of special needs training and experience. They are extremely successful in implementing what they have learned to teach special needs students. They are sensitive and compassionate, yet stern and driven. What they achieve are proven effective results. Students learn more effectively with our specialized training.

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    ACT Tutoring

    Getting into college can be fun and exciting but it can also cause some anxiety. Scoring well on your ACT is important. Our students are put with a tutor that specializes in ACT tutoring. Some students may be paired with more than one tutor, each specializing in a different subject matter. We have found that this method enables students to learn more in a shorter amount of time.

    Reading Comprehension Tutor

    SAT Tutoring

    Our students have a minimum amount of time that they need to spend with our tutors and then they are also assigned homework that further reiterates what they have been taught. The only way to continue moving forward is for the student to actively participate and complete assignments on time. The more work a student puts into our sessions, the more they get out of our tutoring services.

    “It didn’t appear as though we were getting very far with our previous two tutors. That is when we decided that this wasn’t for us. However, we heard about how everyone we knew with a tutor, hired Palm Beach Tutoring. They raved about them so we decided we had nothing to lose. We couldn’t be more grateful for opening up a new world to our son. They are simply the best!” – John J.

    Home School Tutor

    “I really appreciate the flexibility that Palm Beach Tutoring offers. They have so many different time slots to choose from that it is obvious they want to accommodate the needs of everyone. I am so grateful to them because now I am more confident with my math.” – Gary T.

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    “When we took our daughter out of school, it was because she couldn’t get the attention that she needed. Now that she is working with the tutors at Palm Beach Tutoring, she is achieving things that we never thought possible. I have to give it to them, they really know how to make learning exciting and bring out the best in the students.” – Karen R.

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    Math Tutoring

    Math may be easy for some people but not for everyone. Regardless of your age or the grade level of your child, Palm Beach Tutoring is ready, willing, and able to assist with your math skills. You can learn, as needed, or if you want to help your child keep up in the classroom, we can offer you a program that suits your needs.

    SAT Tutor

    Home School Tutoring

    If you have a child who is homeschooled, you are welcome to take advantage of our homeschool tutoring services. Our program helps them to excel at a pace that they are comfortable with. There is no pressure put on the students, as we only ask that they are as committed to the program as we are in teaching it.

    Home School Tutor

    Reading Comprehension Tutors

    We use a variety of methods to help students with reading comprehension. Every student has a different reason why they are unable to comprehend what they are reading. As tutors, it is our responsibility to identify why they are unable to comprehend what they are reading and develop a program to address their specific needs.

    Reading Comprehension Tutor

    Contact Us Today

    If you’re interested in tutoring for yourself or someone else, give Palm Beach Tutoring a call today. We are the preferred and most widely used Palm Beach tutoring service because we get results. Why bother with a tutor if you aren’t seeing results? This is just like throwing your money away. We have a proven track record of success, which is something that you should consider if you are thinking of hiring a tutor. You’re sure to get your money’s worth when relying on our professional tutors. After evaluating the student, we can begin to create the ideal learning environment and curriculum for their special needs.

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